Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Do you have an idea of what you're going to make with your tea towel yet?

For those of you just discovering this site, the first project asks you to make a bag (tote, purse, handbag, pocketbook...whatever term you prefer) from a tea towel.

I'm hoping you don't just take two towels, sew up three sides and call it done.

What if you use more than one tea towel pattern?
What if you use the towels quilt-style in a patchwork?
What if you make an unusual shape?
"Fussy cut" some areas of the towels and use them as pockets on your bags?
Add some kind of funky embellishment or texture to your tea towels?
Add another product, like leather or vinyl or...

Like I said before, it would be cool if you stepped outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and in the process come up with something you can really be proud to say you made yourself.

If you need some inspiration, I looked around the web for premade bags that might offer inspiration.
You can always buy one and make one, (wink).

These designs could incorporate all or part of their construction using tea towels.
Be creative!

Hipster Holster, a unique take on an apron-style handbag, from Sling Flings.
Available in a variety of fabric colors.

Cute cinch bag from Eddie Bauer, fabric with faux leather details.

How fun is this drawstring bag from Juicy Couture?
Hmmmm...I can see something similar in a tea towel.

DIY has a tutorial for a Dishtowel Bag, using a towel with a decorative edge.

Have you seen any other fun ideas?



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