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(photo courtesy of Megumi--read more here.
Used with permission.)

According to Wikipedia (seriously, how did we survive without this site before?),
Omamori are:"Japanese amulets dedicated to particular Shinto deities as well as Buddhist figures."

"The amulet covering is usually made of cloth and encloses papers or pieces of wood with prayers written on them which are supposed to bring good luck to the bearer on particular occasions, tasks or ordeals. Omamori are also used to ward off bad luck and are often spotted on bags, hung on cellphone straps, in cars, etc. for safety in travel."

I think it's interesting that the powers are short-lived:
"It is said that omamori should never be opened or they lose their protective capacities. They are also only good for one year and after a year, they should be returned to the shrine or temple so they can be disposed of properly."

What does this mean for you?
Well, you could gather trinkets that represent your spiritual path, your goals and dreams, your intentions, etc and set them aside like a time capsule, or like the vision boards mentioned in The Secret.
In a year, or however long you deem appropriate, open this up and see how far you've come.

The time capsule idea might be fun for kids--they could describe their most precious dreams, etc, then you can open these up in five or ten years and it might be a wonderful keepsake for them.
Perhaps include small toys they cherish, pics of pets, snippets of information about what's going on in 2007.
Are we veering too far away from what an amulet is defined to be?
Again, you have decide what works for you.

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