Sunday, April 15, 2007

More ideas

Before I get to other ideas with fabric and what might inspire you to be creative with your tea towel, I need to pause and continue my info about gum wrappers.

I love to edit my posts. I tend to go back to them and add more details, and I have done that with the gum wrapper post...until I realized you guys who have read it probably won't realize I do that...
So take a glance at that post again, and I'll just add some more details here.

I was cruising ebay and came across this (by seller zaz4300)

Isn't it cool?
Not woven, but oh so fun--it's package tape and gum wrappers!

She says, "It was made by making a pattern from paper, then making each side separately, fitting them together, re-enforcing everything, and then putting in the grommets for the strap, and other details."

She sent me a pic of other bags she has made:

Along the same lines, I love this bar code bag (by Uncommon Goods, or sold by

Okay, now let's get back to the theme at hand.
I figure maybe designs out on the market might get your juices flowing.
Like this:

Cute satchel from J Jill.
I like the idea of mixing fabrics like this--of using more than one tea towel design and or calendars.

Perhaps combine tea towels with different fabric scraps--it's a great way to use your stash.
Maybe add funky texture with chenille, flocked fabric, cordoroy, etc.
Or in my case, this is the perfect model for a bag made out of neckties.
But that's yet another theme down the road.
Boy do I have themes swirling around in my head...

I'll post more ideas for working with tea towels soon.

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