Saturday, January 5, 2008

Inspiration from a vintage napkin

More inspiring ideas from Mlle Hyena.
This bag is constructed from a vintage cloth napkin.
She embellished it with a puffy applique, and a crocheted mushroom.
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!
Vintage linens are a great source for fun fabrics.
Note this bag is currently available for purchase on etsy.

She says the bright colors were "inspired by the colors people of the Andes in Peru use in their blankets and clothing. The handles are made of that woven handle material bought in a craft store. I embroidered it and lined it.."

Maybe you'll find an old quilt top or vintage tablecloth that has some holes or stains, so you can salvage the good parts and give the cloth new life.
Or maybe you have some novelty hankies in your drawer collecting dust.
Make something with them so they'll be seen!

You can embellish with embroidery or beading or add something fun.
Be creative!



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