Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blog Kudos

Wow, Cyndilou, honored me with a blog award!

My obligation in accepting this award is to name five things that I enjoy doing, along with five of my favorite blogs.

Things I enjoy doing:
1) I'm super detail oriented. So when I give gifts, or plan a party, I like to figure out every little thing--a person's favorite design (like polka dots) might be in the cupcake liners, the balloons, and the tissue paper. I try to think of everything, and go to the nth degree to make it special.

2) I love true crime shows, so I will usually sew with Forensic Files or something like that as background noise. I tend to flip channels between A&E and the ID channel. I used to love Court TV, but the replacement Tru TV isn't as good.

3) I enjoy research. I just made a mix cd for a friend, for example, and spent hours and hours on youtube trying to find unique songs. I get a kick out of finding obscure things--perhaps the perfect something that someone might love. I'm a really good gift giver.

4) My favorite form of creating, whether paper or fabric, tends to be collage. I like to cut out images and layer them, and thereby create something that really is one of a kind.

5) I bake to relieve stress. I find old-school baking from scratch really enjoyable. I also love to read cookbooks as if they were novels.

Five of my favorite blogs:
Andrea at Hula Seventy is amazing amazing amazing

I just bought two of Keri Smith's books for a birthday gift. Keri writes Wish Jar Journal. The party had a "bucket list" theme, and Keri's books are all about living life to the fullest.

Bari J and Calamity Kim are both inspirational with collage and design ideas

I love foodie blogs. It's tough to choose which is my absolute fave, but Molly Wizenberg's Orangette is definitely one of them. Just clicking on the link to the blog makes me all giddy inside ;)

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