Sunday, March 2, 2008

More ideas for the new theme

What else can you do to refashion an old purse?
Decals (make your own by cutting out vinyl shapes)
Duct tape?

You might want to stamp and/or bead a bag (tutorial on HGTV)

how to paint on a purse, from Stylelicious.

You can make a new cover with fabric:
Julie Ree made a new fabric cover for her mom's old Bermuda bag

Picnic hamper to purse, by So, anyway...

And, as I've already mentioned, there's decoupage:
Using decorative paper to decoupage a purse, by Veralucia on ebay

Decoupage old vinyl purse or kids purse with cut paper, by DIY Kids

decoupage suitcase by DIY Network

Here's a fun train case with collaged images
currently available on eBay by the seller Vintage Butterfly.

Decoupaged cigar box purse, nicely done by Thrift Shop Romantic, using images from old calendars.

If you've got a really nice quality vintage purse, you might want to be careful with how you go about restoring it.
Tips from Antiques off Broadway



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