Saturday, July 12, 2008

Take it to the next step

The current challenge, to incorporate one or more photographs into your purse's a, well, challenging one.
It's even difficult for me to find inspirational projects to get you going.
But you can look to projects that COULD use photos, and maybe that will get your juices flowing.

I really really want to get you to consider options other than using one big photograph for the front of your bag, or little pics across the front.
Go further.
Stretch yourself.
Let us all learn.

At least for me personally, photographs mean everything.
They speak volumes of time and moments and people who mean the world to me.
They are the essence of all that is sentimental.
How perfect then, to turn a photograph into a vehicle of meaning.
And into a work of art.

For example, what if this felt applique were made with a photo?

That could really be cute.
And special.
You could embellish it with embroidery or beading if you like.

Or what if you garnered inspiration from the amazing needlework of Stephanie of Nova Blossoms, and substituted fabric photos for faces
like on this shoulder bag

Or how fun is this recycled tin purse, with a bent spoon handle?!
The photos can be changed on a whim--they are magnets!

Originally uploaded by indygirl-cp

Of course it's easy to be inspired by Anne Taintor
Like this messenger bag.

Maybe it's time to learn cyanotype

cyanotype purse
Originally uploaded by andromeda*art

For those of you who are collage artists, perhaps you can be inspired by Prada's Fairy Bag.
You know, combine photos and paint and paper and make a bag out of your design.
In essence, make art, then copy it onto fabric.
You could have a bag that would be more valuable to you than the $2300 price tag on the Prada.

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Anonymous Andromeda said...

cool! thanks for using one of my purses for inspiration! that is awesome. i'll be checking back on your blog frequently. i love to find inspiration for my purse making.

July 18, 2008 at 6:16 PM  

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