Monday, June 8, 2009

Time for a new challenge

I started a purse from neckties a couple of years ago.
It was so close to being finished, and I had hoped to finish it for this challenge, but I can't find it!
I am still renovating at my house, and stuff is packed away. Sigh.

I only got two submissions for this challenge, but they're both really amazing.
Thank you Laura, and Andrea.
Please check the gallery to view the bags they made.

Okay...let's try another challenge.
Project #11 is going to be Unusual Recycled.
Meaning DON"T use clothing, curtains, hankies, towels, or anything that you might have sewn in a DIY project.
No denim, no sweaters (those will be future challenges)

Unusual. Recycled.
Meaning I'd really like to see your creativity.
Of course I'll give you ideas along the way.

Like this shoulder bag made from measuring tapes, by Undone Clothing

Or this fantastically creative purse made from old Converse sneakers, by Randomonix

Think tins, leftover drink containers, leftover food bags, etc
You can try your hand at weaving chip bags or candy wrappers (info in previous posts).
Think Project Runway when the designers make things from the webbing of deck chairs, or crochet garbage bags together.
You could make a fused grocery sack purse (video tutorial in a previous post), or crochet the bags together...

You could crochet wire, or wire and old buttons, or sew old zippers together, or sew a bag from an old vinyl poster, or a shower curtain.
Are you getting any ideas yet?

Start thinking!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Necktie Inspiration, from Etsy

This bag is aimed to inspire people to create their own bags, but I hope you also support your local crafters.
I use Etsy links to both inspire, and to encourage you to shop for handmade items.

Purse in recycled denim and other recycled fabrics, with necktie embellishment, by Marci9922 in her Treasured Designs Etsy shop

Another embellished bag, this one by Maven Studio

Necktie "Barbara" tote from CreoNodo's Etsy Shop

"The Persephone Tote" by LindaEve, formerly known as Untied

LindaEve also made this Bluesy Shoulder Tote

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Necktie Coin Purses

Celeste from CC Star Accessories makes coin purses from neckties

Her Etsy shop: CC Star

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