Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where are you?

I am having some computer problems, so the current challenge will have to be extended another week or so.

That gives you more of you an opportunity to participate!

I have not, surprisingly, received many entries.
I have gotten several emails stating interest, but not completed projects.
If I do not receive more entries, I will have to discontinue this blog.
I think this is a great site with tons of info, but if people aren't participating in the challenges, I should be focusing my energy elsewhere.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Call for submissions

This from Stampington.

How do you carry it? That’s the question Somerset Studio would like to help answer through our new and exciting special publication titled Haute Handbags.
Whether we use purses, clutches, totes, portfolios, sacks, bags, or attachés, there are many styles made with an astounding array of materials emerging from all corners of the creative world – all vying to be carried and used with style.

You are welcome to construct a bag from scratch, or to purchase one that you embellish and alter with paints, beads, rubber stamps, ribbons, buttons, transparencies, and more.

(ahem, it sounds like the current Purse Project challenge....)

No medium or material is ruled out so use your imagination to make bags of leather, wool, fabric, paper, plastic, wood, glass, or any other materials that you love.

Deadline for artwork to be received: Bi-annually every November 15th, and May 15th.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Enid Collins

Enid Collins designed whimsical purses, from 1959 to 1970 (when the company Collins of Texas was sold to Tandy Leather Corporation).
This wooden box purse is called 'Night Owls'

'For the Birds'

'Cock O' the Walk'

I'm more drawn to the wooden purses, and considering I just chose all birds themed ones, I guess I'm drawn to those too.
But there are several popular themes, including love, money, and astrological signs.

She made several cute bucket designs too.
I'm not sure of the year on this one, but from what I can tell it's called 'Cable Car'

This is a later model, Collins of Texas bag called 'Aces High'.
I like the cylindrical shape

Collins' bags included sequins, painted designs, and novelty sayings.
The bags are often dated and signed, and usually include the design name also.
According to Cool Old Stuff, bags signed with a lowercase 'ec' or 'e' were made during Enid Collins tenure.
Bags with a capital 'C', or labeled 'Collins of Texas' (without Enid's name anywhere) are less valuable as they are Tandy bags.

In the late 1960's, do-it-yourself kits were sold, called Sophistikits.
These are also not as valuable.
More info, from Sweetheartville.

The theme for this month's challenge is to refashion a readymade bag.
I've mentioned ideas including mosaic, and painting.
What a perfect time, therefore, to be inspired by Enid Collins!

Angry Chicken is a fan--she bought an original.
Then she made her own version--maybe you might want to give it a try!

did a Dia De Los Muertos version

Hints for identifying authentic bags.

Good info on eBay Guide to Enid Collins

Photos on Enid Collins Purse Collector's Page.

Amazing collection of bags on Flickr, from Glumpire.

Read the book, Popular Purses: it's in the bag.

Enid Collins bags were listed as a top ten collectible by Country Home Magazine, 2007.

Sunshine City Lassie is a fan.
So is Vanessa.
California Girl at Heart.
This is not your daughter's shopping blog.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Bling Purse-top detail
Originally uploaded by artandartifacts
Wow, isn't this gorgeous?
Talk about inspiration for refashioning an old box purse.

This is made by Susan McSherry, aka Art and Artifacts.

She describes the method: "I used a bed of thinset- pushed the pieces into the thinset. Some pieces are jewelry, some are buttons, pieces of stained glass, some of my Brighton metal salvage. I sell some of the metal stuff on Etsy.....I have a shop there...artandartifacts.
The body of the purse is sanded, sealed, faux finished and coated with several layers of poyurethane. The "mosaic" doesn't need any sealers...all the pieces have their original metal finishes... "

Her etsy shop.
Gallery of her work.