Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sometimes life just gets in the way...

Normally, if I don't get around to finishing a project challenge, I post a gallery anyway and just move on.
This time, however, I really want to finish my photo purse.
I have just been really distracted though, and I'm a long long way from being done.

So, I'm going to delay the due date yet again.
I apologize.
Hopefully I'll get more entries this way too though, as so far only two of you have sent me your completed challenges.
Sigh...I really don't know what I need to do to drum up more participation.

Anyway, I'm afraid to even say November, because I'm thinking I may need more time than than.

How about if I figure out an end date at a later time.
Maybe you guys can think of purses as presents you might want to make for friends or family that incorporate photographs.
I mean, the holidays are fast approaching...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Excuse my delay in posting.
I have been so busy--painting a room, getting things in order, reading a lot, working at night.

I really wanted to mention the idea of using slide protectors in your art, or, in this case considering making a purse with them.
These vintage items are readily available on ebay or similar places.

These examples are from the book Collage Lost and Found: Creative unique projects with vintage ephemera, by Giuseppina Cirincione.
I spotted this book while browsing at Barnes & Noble one day, and absolutely HAD to have it.
I have not been disappointed.

Here, she used metal slide mounts as the cover of a photo album.
I adore this idea.
Especially with the metal mounts, I can envision this in purse form.

Here, she made a book with paper mounts
I like how she stamped words across the paper, and made charms from old Bingo cards.

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