Monday, January 19, 2009

Book inspiration

Andrea, of Indigo Blue Designs, has posted a tutorial on how to make this bag.
The idea is from the book Brilliant Bags: 20 beautiful bags to stitch & love, by Deena Beverley.

I do have a few tips:
Remember that you can sew one scarf to another scarf (to another scarf...) or sew strips or pieces, to make a bigger (and often more interesting) fabric.

You can sew your scarf (or scarves) atop another fabric, or join your scarf to another fabric, to make a larger fabric.

You can back your scarf with interfacing, and thereby mimic a woven fabric (that's what I did for the t-shirt challenge too).
This way you can actually use a sewing pattern if you like (that's probably what I'm going to do for this challenge).

And don't stop there!
Remember, you can take it one step further and embellish.
The book Sew Vintage: New Creations from Found Fabrics, by Jennie Archer Atwood, has some examples of pillows made with scarves (but the idea easily translates to purses).
She used a beaded scarf and silk dupioni to make this pillow.
If you can't find a scarf already beaded, then add your own details!
Think embroidery also, and applique.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One of three designs of bandana purses, sold by Out West Fashions.

Bandana backpack, pattern for sale at Birch Street Clothing.

Backpack by Janine King Designs (etsy)

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Monday, January 12, 2009


Mickey tote using dollar store fleece scarf, by Dollar Store Crafts

Or you can take that fleece scarf and cover a plastic take-out-style box, and make that your purse.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Scarf Purse inspiration

Hagar International is an organization that provides vocational programs for women and children who have experienced extreme abuse.
Women in Cambodia are taught to weave the traditional
Khmer Kroma scarf, with which this bag is constructed.

"Trash Bags"
take vintage products (scarves, skirts, blouses, etc) and make one-of-a-kind purses(ooh, there's an idea...)

I can envision piecing bits of vintage scarves (or it would work with neckties too, but that's another challenge...), to mimic the patchwork bags by Coach

Fringed scarf purse tutorial , from the DIY Network

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Arty Little Purses

Canadian artist Dale Ann Potter makes "arty little purses", and wow, are they special.
They are 6-1/2 inches square, and no two are the same.
She welcomes custom orders.

For the one pictured, she says, "I used scraps from that never ending tote, add a chiffon scarf, then quilt and embroider until I figure it's enough. I melt back some of chiffon scarf.... make it into a purse, sew on little bits I've collected on my jaunts to the thrift stores. The handle can be any length."

If that's not inspirational, I don't know what is!
Ideas like this--melting, melding, embellishing...those are the type of things I hope you consider challenging yourself with trying.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Think texture and content

When I think of scarves, my imagination goes to vintage silk fabrics.
But don't forget additional alternatives, like this tote made by TamDoll, from a recycled wool Pendleton scarf
(her etsy shop)

The scarf is actually the back of the tote.
The front is cotton with leather trim

"The handle of this tote was cut from the waistband of a felted sweater and embroidered to coordinate with the bag. The handle will stretch when used so I made sure the stitching will stretch with it. This was fun to make."