Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trick or Treat

With Halloween just a few days away, maybe you'll want to make a trick-or-treat bag as your container.

In addition to the foam pumpkin bag I linked earlier, here's some inspiration:
Incredible patchwork bags by Pixie Blossoms.

And how frickin' cute is this candy corn felted bag?!
From Purling Sprite, instructions here.

Fleece pumpkin treat bag on Carol Duvall's show.

Instructions for a crocheted Boo bag, from from Crochet Memories.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crafty Containers

This container theme is so odd.
I mean, by its nature, ANY tote is a container.

Try making a bag with a specific purpose other than a purse.
Like a container for your crafty supplies.
Here are some ideas:

Leave it to the amazing Lisa of U-Handbag to come up with this tutorial for a hex-open bag frame to carry knitting (or other craft) supplies.

Elisa's Nest Tote by The Purl Bee can be used to carry anything from balls of yarn to groceries.

Cindy from 2 Paw's Sock Tote tutorial is fun.

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My project

I finally posted my amulet bag.
Read about it here.

I'll be posting container ideas soon.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

New Gallery up, and a new theme

Wow, it's October already!
Well, unfortunately, the response to the Amulet Bag challenge was quite slim
I am debating ending this blog if response continues to be so low.
Shame really, as it's a really fun idea and there is some great information here.
Anyway, The Amulet Bag Gallery is up
(only three entries, and I'll post mine soon too).

I've been struggling with a theme this time around.
The next challenge takes place in October and November, so I have to acknowledge that Halloween and Thanksgiving both take place during that time.
Too, lots of you will be thinking ahead to Christmas or Hanukkah, so perhaps I should consider that?

What I decided on for Challenge 4 is Make a Container Bag.
In other words, make a bag that maybe is a trick-or-treat container, or a gift bag, or carry-on luggage.

Maybe a laptop carrier, or a camera bag, or an iPOD cozy.
A gadget bag could actually be a theme unto its own right, but I'm giving you huge leeway.

Consider gifts for others perhaps, to lighten your load in December.

Or maybe you'll make some sort of craft caddy!
Like this crocheted caddy by Lynn Szwalkiewicz.

Tutorial on her site, Craftiblog.
She also has a tutorial for a crocheted cell phone case.

Cute clutch for crochet hooks from Craft Leftovers.

Instructions to make a crocheted iPOD cozy.

I like the felted pig cozy from West Coast Crafty.

A camera cozy from Evil Mad Scientists.

Collapsible Bucket
Instructions at Instructables.

Also at Instructables, a CD carrier for you car visor.

Here's an option for a trick-or-treat bag.
I like that this uses craft foam--a material we don't often consider stitiching.
Info for the pumpkin bag here.

Knitted treat bag instructions by Lion Yarn.

Quilted bottle tote, by Pink Chalk Studio.

Tutorial here.

Shoot, you could make a simple lunchbag, like this one by Tumbling Blocks.
Or this one from Sew News.
(other tutorials on the sidebar here also)

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