Saturday, May 30, 2009

An extra week

Are you guys sewing your necktie purses?
Did you know that Amy, from Tie One On, just got 65 apron submissions for her last challenge? 65!
You'd think I could drum up ten. Come on...pleeeeaaase.
I mean, I get a lot of traffic on this blog.
So you guys are reading, but you're not participating.

I have a final exam on Monday, which is our deadline.
Because I'll be busy studying, I'm extending this challenge by one week.

So start sewing! :)
I'll post the necktie gallery and a new challenge on June 8.

Monday, May 25, 2009

More fun necktie examples

Ohio State Themed Handbag, made with neckties

and Patchwork Coin Purse
Both items from Shesu2008's Etsy Shop

Tie Belt with Pocket (like a fanny pack), in Miss Karina's Etsy Shop

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Methods and Ideas

One thing to consider when sewing with neckties: utilize the best bits to your best advantage.
For example, some ties have a reverse side that is just as much fun as the front.
Here's one of my peek-a-boo neckties
Peek-a-boo Necktie

If I were using that tie in a purse (or any sewn item), I'd want to showcase it somehow.

Other ties have text describing the tie or the designer, and these areas (usually on the reverse side) can be cut out and used like a "fussy cut" on a quilt.

This Degas necktie is part of a blazer (by Studio Fresca), but the idea is easily applicable on a purse strap, buckle, pocket, etc.

(click on images to enlarge)

And don't forget the labels!
This entire jacket, by Undone Clothing, is made from clothing labels!
Isn't it fantastic?
So that should give you some ideas on what can be done with the labels from neckties

This amazing quilt (posted by Patra Cat, I think she saw this quilt in a show)
uses both necktie fabric and necktie labels

Collage is another idea to consider.
You can take several images from neckties, iron the ties onto a fusible (I like Steam-a-Seam), cut out the pictures, and layer them.
You can stitch the edges down, so no seams are needed (unless you want to turn seams under and applique).
Here I started layering a bookmark
All of the fabrics are from neckties, except the text (that is from some boxer shorts)
Bookmark, Step Two
This method would be an incredible way to personalize a purse.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun wristlet idea

Tie Bags vendors

Purse by Rene's Creations

Tamajesy's Roar sells a variety of purses made from ties.
Her designs are interesting in that the seams are out

Lisa's Bags and Things often have a theme to each design

Bags by Sew Retro

Creative Dangles has a crochet bag with a tie running through it.

Jeans and Ties Messenger bags, by Bags by Meggie

Have items woven from your own ties, by Endless Possibilities

Crazy Quilt Purse Pattern, by Henrietta's Handbags

Or Pail Purse Pattern, also by Henrietta's Handbags

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Necktie Purse tutorials

Sonya Style do-it-yourself

Purse on Thrifty Fun

Backpack made with a placemat, and necktie handles, from Crafty Gal

Necktie Bag on the DIY Network

Sulky Mini Purse

Two-tie Sling Bag, by Betz White

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Shopping Bags as Gift Bags

I decided that for Christmas this year, rather than wrap gifts, or use gift bags...
that I'm going to "wrap" each gift in a reusable shopping tote.

It's a win-win: less waste, and the recipient gets a second gift.
And hopefully something they'll find useful.

There are so many cute themes in bags out there, applicable for any personality.

For my friend Jen, I already bought a Tucker Bag in a frog design

For my "pig" friends, I chose this Rootote

and this Envirosax, from their kid's line

I really like this Shinzi Katoh Pig Drawing tote also (found on ebay)

It's a fun idea you might consider also.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Options with Neckties

Remember that the point of the challenges on this blog is to entice you to think outside the box, to stretch your creative skills, and to try new techniques.
Sure you can use a necktie as a handle on your purse, but I hope you do maybe that AND something more.

Recycled placemat purse with a necktie strap, by pheartsb!
recycled buffalo fabric purse

Tote made from a recycled shirt and a necktie, by gnostic sunset

Another recycled shirt and necktie, by Jenny Made This.

Made from repurposed wools (a recycled suit?) and tie, by PineBlossoms by Jennifer

paisley bag best 2
Originally uploaded by Redoux Designs
This appears to be recycled from a sweater, with a necktie handle. By Redoux Designs

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy Quilted Purse

Crazy Quilted Purse
Originally uploaded by Rinnie Henry
Great idea for how to use necktie scraps.

She says, "This crazy quilted purse is made from men's silk ties also assorted fabrics with purple silk lining, with lots of emblishments and fake fur around the opening. It won first place at the "Ozark Empire Fair" in Springfield, MO in 2006."

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Friday, May 1, 2009


Gorgeous purse made from neckties, by JennJohn Bags.
Just goes to show how beautiful recycled ties can be.
JennJohn's etsy shop

Drawstring bag made from vintage ties, by Christine Anderson

Purse by Buried Treasure, with ties on a diagonal

Cute bag by knitsybitsyspider

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